Web Hosting Reviews And Discounts choose a recommended hosting provider For Your New Zealand Website.

     New Zealand Web Hosting <span></span>

    New Zealand Web Hosting

    Read through our web hosting reviews on the most reliable web hosting providers for your New Zealand website, and there are some great savings to be made with up to a massive 70% discount on selected web hosting plans.

    Web hosting providers offer a range of hosting plans that provide a variety of features depending on your selection and the cost of the plan, you can choose from shared hosting, VPS hosting a dedicated server or Cloud hosting.

    There are many resources and features available with different types of web hosting plans and you need to choose the right amount of resources that will benefit your website the most so that you get the best out of your online experience.



    Themes And Templates

    Building a new website is a ton of fun and using a content management system like the ever popular Wordpress or Joomla systems makes this easy and to start you need a template or theme.

    Template Monster are a fantastic company that specialize in making exciting new Wordpress themes and Joomla templates they produce all there designs inhouse and every design is unique.

    With thousands of choices to choose from you will find a design to suit your needs and if you want a bespoke design to specifically suit your own website they can make one just for you, check them in our independent review.

     Shared Hosting <span></span>

    Shared Hosting

    With Shared hosting you share a server with other similar websites sometimes hundreds of other websites so the server is not going to be blazing fast as other websites will slow the server down with traffic and data transfer the maintenance and the running costs of the server are shared around with the other website owners on your server

    This way the hosting companies can offer a great price on shared hosting services, shared hosting is the least expensive hosting service available also shared hosting has the least performance value than the other types of hosting services.

    Shared hosting services are ideal for personal websites, community websites, some small business websites and other websites with a small to medium traffic flow.

     VPS Hosting <span></span>

    VPS Hosting

    Do you own a business, a popular blog with increasing visitor numbers or an online forum with thousands of members, then you will be looking for a great VPS hosting plan, A Virtual Private Server is the next step up with a greater performance increase than shared hosting and better reliability.

    The VPS server is divided up into separate virtual machines, so each website runs independent with out interference from other websites, providing a more stable hosting environment and allowing an increase in traffic through the site.

    VPS hosting is suitable for business websites, online forum websites, large blogs and small to medium sized online shops, you get more security and performance than shared hosting.

     Dedicated Hosting <span></span>

    Dedicated Hosting

    For eCommerce websites, large businesses and corporates or niche content distributors like selling online video or other media you are going to be looking for a dedicated server that will provide you with the resources that your website needs to run effectivlly.

    Websites that require a dedicated server will be experiencing high or increasing traffic loads, high data transfer with video downloads or image downloads etc, so you need the top tier in hosting and a dedicated hosting plan.

    You have total control of the resources and the most secure hosting available, dedicated servers are available in fully managed or self managed configurations depending on your experience level, Dedicated servers are for businesses, eCommerce websites, Corporate websites and websites that need the very best hosting services available.

     Cloud Hosting <span></span>

    Cloud Hosting

    Cloud hosting is a great alternative to the dedicated server as the cost of Cloud hosting is less expensive than a dedicated hosting service, a Cloud service is a group of servers working together and located in various cities or countries around the world.

    Your data is stored on all the servers within the group and when a persons browser asks for a web page it is retrieved from the nearest server to the person requesting the page so a cloud hosting service is both fast and reliable as your data is backed up on several Cloud servers.

    Cloud hosting is recommended for medium to large businesses, eCommerce websites online forums and as a cost effective alternative to an expensive dedicated server.

     Online Site Builders <span></span>

    Online Site Builders

    Building your own website from scratch adding content and performing search engine optimization and management is a great achievement and there are several ways to handle this task depending on your experience and knowledge.

    For personal websites, small business websites and hobby websites Weebly Site builder is a great way to get online with web hosting, domain name purchase and web site builder all on one account.

    Setting up your online shop can be very complected but there is an easier way with Shopify they provide all the features and resources you will need to set up shop all in one convenient location.

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