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    Crazy Domains New Zealand web hosting

    Check Out Crazy Domains Hosting

    Crazy Domains are a New Zealand based domain register and web hosting company providing secure and fast hosting services to websites across New Zealand and around the globe, they provide a choice of both Linux and Windows based hosting plans to suit a wide range of customers needs, they are a great one stop shop including domain selection, marketing and a host of other services that are available to there registerd customers.

    Crazy Domains offer three Linux shared web hosting plans, the economy plan is the most cost effective with a starting price of $3.00/month discounted down from $6.00/month for the first term of your account, for this fantastic price you get 150GB of data storage, 100 email address, 10 data bases and one domain hosting the premium plan allows more resources and the unlimited plan allows unlimited data, unlimited data bases and unlimited domain hosting.

    Crazy Domains are also crazy about Wordpress and provide fantastic hosting plans for the popular Content management system, the economy Wordpress plan starts at $5.50/month discounted for customers down from $11/month and includes one domain hosting, 10GB of super fast SSD data storage and unlimited data transfer per account. 

    The Wordpress hosting plans are fully managed by Crazy Domains so you can concentrate on growing your websites popularity and leave the technical duties to the web host, all of the wordpress plans include one click installations, 99.9% uptime guarantee automatic updates and a 60 day money back guarantee.

    There are a great range of additional features available for Crazy Domain customers at no extra cost, these include fully automated backup and restore options, your websites data is backed up every day and you can restore on demand with one click, website migration is included for customers transferring from other hosting providers and proprietary caching technology is included for super fast page loading speeds.

    Crazy Domains like to provide an all in one service for there customers, so they provide a range of in house services to cater for all there customers needs, like website design, website marketing and logo design all in one convienent place, so that you have access to a full range of services to build your website and grow your online popularity.

    Crazy Domains provide a professional website design service with three website design packages available, the budget service includes 6 web pages and the use of stock images and the business and promotor web design packages include unlimited images plus more web pages for your website, Crazy Domains hosting services cater for a large range of websites from business through to personal and professional websites. 

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    Hostpapa Review Popular For Small Businesses

    Check out Hostpapa Web Hosting Plans 

    Hostpapa are relatively new to web hosting, they were founded back in 2006 and there main office is located in Canada but also have data centres in the United States, Australia, Germany and New Zealand.

    You have a great choice as where to host your website depending on the country you are in or the country where you want to target with your website, Hostpapa have made a name for themselves as an eco-friendly company that is concerned about the environment around them.

    They currently host over 500,000 websites around the world and they cater for beginner webmasters looking for a cost effective solution for web hosting, however they will cater for any website or business no matter how small or large, when you sign up with Hostpapa you will get a free domain name of your choice 90 day money back guarantee, unlimited website traffic and 24/7 technical support.

    As we pointed out earlier Hostpapa are geared towards providing a cost effective solution to beginners so they focus on there shared hosting to offer a great shared platform, there starter plan includes a free domain name, 100GB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth, there business shared plans include unlimited data storage, unlimited domain hosting and unlimited bandwidth and a few advanced features like a site builder and a choice of templates to set up your first website with ease.

    As Hostpapa are looking for a cost effective solution for a wide range of there customers they also provide VPS hosting for people that want more performance and advanced features from there hosting account than the shared hosting can provide them, VPS hosting is great for larger businesses and professionals or websites with large amounts of traffic that need a little more control over there hosting environment, there are three VPS hosting plans available the starter plan allows 50GB of data and 1TB of bandwidth and as the price increases so does the available resources.

    The great advantage with a Hostpapa account is that you can take care of all your hosting, domain name purchase and build your website all in the one place and through one account, this makes life a little easier for beginner webmasters as the whole process can get overwhelming when you are just starting out, there website builder has over 100 responsive templates to choose from, you get a free template when you sign up but the free one is limited in what can be achieved however you can choose a premium template should you need one.

    So who would purchase a Hostpapa account, they provide a cost effective hosting solution that would suit a large variety of websites from the beginner just starting out and needs a little guidance along the way to business websites and customers that would need more performance than a shared hosting account would provide, you can build your own website through your account access and you get 24/7 customer support through online chat should you need help at anytime and you can scale up your hosting account should you need more resources at any time. Check out Hostpapa plans in the link below.  

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    Siteground Review Quality Hosting Services

    View Siteground Hosting Plans

    Siteground a popular web hosting company that has been on the hosting scene since it was founded in 2004, there based in Bulgaria with an other office in Spain, Siteground have been around long enough to know what there customers need when it comes to web hosting, they provide competitive shared hosting along with dedicated servers, cloud hosting and also reseller plans for web developers however they do not provide a VPS hosting service for there customers.

    There shared hosting plans are popular with customers, starting at $9.95/month currently offering at a 60% discount at $3.95/month for the start up plan you get some great features at a competitive price, as we said earlier they do not provide a VPS service so if you need to upgrade from the shared plan at any time you will need to purchase either a dedicated plan or the cheaper cloud hosting plan, there are two other shared plans with additional features added with more storage space and unmetered data transfer so one of the other two shared plans may be of interest to you.

    Siteground dedicated servers are offered in three dedicated hosting plans, the entry level dedicated plan starts at $269/month and includes 480GB SSD drive, four core CPU, 16GB of DDR3 ram and a generous 10TB of bandwidth, the power server and the top premium plan, super power server include extra resources for powerful dedicated server hosting.

    For webmasters that do not have the resources to purchase a dedicated server Sitegroud provide a cloud hosting service, starting at $80/month you get two CPU cores, four GB of memory, a 40GB SSD drive for data storage and 5TB of data transfer, cloud hosting is ideal for growing businesses and online shops selling down loadable media like video or images, the best feature with cloud hosting is that you can scale up your resources as they are needed when your business grows.

    With Sitegroud you are assured of great customer support as there customers know only to well, your requests are answered in a decent amount of time or you can talk directly with them on 24/7 online chat, they provide five data centers spread around the world which you can choose from when you sign up these are based in Chicago United States, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy and finally in Singapore so you have five great locations and you can pick the one nearest your location.

    Siteground provide an easy to navigate Cpanal for all there hosting plans which include one click installations for Joomla and Wordpress websites so for the beginner webmaster you will have your new website live in next to no time with out any previous knowledge, you get a free CDN content delivery network provided by Cloudflare the free version gives your website a boost in speed and the pro version adds a stack of additional features and a further boost in website speed.

    They provide a range of security features for all there hosting plans including a free SSL certificate through Lets Encrypt, the installation of your SSL certificate is as easy as one click and the system performs the rest of the installation of the certificate for you, another great feature they provide is Sitground backup and restore, your website is fully backed up automatically every day without you needing to do anything, you can also do a manual back up at any time this is great when you are adding new content all the time, Siteground provide a great hosting service for any website.

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    IPage Review Great Budget Web Hosting

    View IPage web hosting plans

    IPage provide web hosting solutions for personal websites as well as catering for the business sector, they have been in the web hosting industry for well over two decades and pride them selves on customer support, there support team are trained to help inexperienced customers in setting up there web hosting accounts, IPage currently host over one million websites world wide this shows how popular they have become over the years.

    With every new sign up you get a free domain registration for the first term of your web hosting account, once the first term is up you will need to re register your domain name, IPage provide hosting plans which include shared hosting, VPS hosting and also dedicated server hosting with each account you get free daily website data back ups, 24/7 support from there trained support team and a thirty day money back guarantee.

    IPage provide one shared web hosting plan labeled as the essential plan you get a free site builder, free domain name, email account and the use of there on board marketing tools at a great price of $1.99/month for the first term, there are two other shared hosting plans available and these are optimized for Wordpress installations, the WP Starter plan and the WP Essential plan both these Wordpress plans include unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

    Webmasters that require more than the shared hosting plans allow can purchase one of there VPS hosting plans aimed at businesses and websites with a higher traffic flow, the entry level VPS plan starts at $19.99/month for the first term and includes a one core CPU, one GB of ram, 40GB of storage for website data and one years free domain name registration, the business plan and the optimum VPS plans allow the use of more resources for businesses and websites with a higher traffic flow.

    Large businesses looking for a cost effective hosting solution should look at the dedicated servers offered by IPage, these dedicated servers pack in more powerful features and resources than the VPS servers do, the entry level dedicated server plan the startup will cost you $119.99/month for the first hosting term, you get a two core CPU, 4GB of memory, 5TB of bandwidth and 500GB of data storage and as with the other hosting plans the other two dedicated plans allow more resources at an more expensive price, the dedicated plans also include CPanal access.

    Ipage web hosting will suit a large variety of websites, there essential shared web hosting plan is suitable for new website owners and small personal websites and is the cheapest shared hosting you will find anywhere, there VPS hosting plans are great for small businesses, websites with an increasing traffic flow, online forums and for webmasters that need more resources than the shared plan allows, IPage dedicated servers are the top tier of hosting suitable for large businesses, online shops selling products or online stores selling down loadable media like videos.

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    Hostgator Review Hosting For Small Businesses

    Hostgator small business Plans 

    Hostgator have been hosting websites from all around the world since there company was founded back in 2002 they provide a great range of cost effective hosting plans from popular shared hosting all the way through to the top tier dedicated servers, they sell hosting plans suitable to a wide range of customers and are popular with individuals and small businesses providing a cost effective solution with great features.

    Shared web hosting is a popular solution for many webmasters due to the over all cost which is very affordable for individuals and small businesses, Hostgator shared plans start at $2.75/month with there generous 60% discount on the first term discounted down from $6.95/month, this plan includes unmetered bandwidth and an included free SSL Certificate, there premium business shared plan includes unlimited domains, dedicated IP and free SEO tools to enhance your website all for $5.95/month a whooping 60% discount on the first term.

    Hostgator provide VPS web hosting for webmasters that prefer more performance from there web hosting accounts, starting at $29.95/month for the first term you get 2GB of ram, 2 core CPU and 120GB of storage space, and the premium VPS hosting plan starts at $49.95/month with a fantastic discount on the first term you get 3TB of bandwidth 240GB of disk space and 8GB of ram, you can easily scale up your plan should you need more resources down the line and add features as needed.

    Hostgators performance enhanced dedicated servers offer the best web hosting experience possible for even the most discerning business or busy professional, dedicated plans start at $119/month including 8GB of ram, one TB of HDD, and unmetered bandwidth which includes a Linux or Windows operating system, there premium dedicated plan starts at $149/month and you get 30GB of ram and one TB of super fast SSD drive for a performance boost, there dedicated plans include a fantastic discount on the first term.

    An increasingly popular hosting option these days is cloud hosting and Hostgator provide a great cloud hosting option to there customers, the best thing with cloud hosting in the easy scalability for online shops, online media sales and growing businesses, as your business grows you can simply add more resources to keep up with the demand, Hostagtor cloud hosting plans starts at $4.95/month with a free SSL certificate and includes many more great features, and the business cloud hosting plan includes unlimited domains, 6GB of ram, and a six core CPU for added performance.

    Hostgator have a great reputation worldwide for selling cost effective and reliable web hosting to a large variety of customers from individuals just starting out to large businesses and eCommerce websites that demand the best web hosting for a great price, they provide excellent live support should the need arise and there team are ready to help you 24/7, Hostgator currently host over 950,000 websites worldwide and have great reviews from happy customers.

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    Liquid Web Review Hosting For Professionals

    Liquid Web professional web hosting plans

    Liquid Web provide web hosting services targeted specifically at businesses and professionals, they were established in 1997 and have grown there customer base since then and now host over 500,000 websites world wide, Liquid Web are certainly not a budget web hosting provider, they are focused on providing the very best hosting service possible with up to date resources and top of the range server technology.

    Liquid Web are so focused on quality hosting that they do not even provide the basic shared hosting plans that there competition offers, instead they offer top of the range features and performance with dedicated servers, cloud VPS hosting, cloud dedicated hosting and managed Wordpress hosting, there hosting plans are a little more expensive than there competitors but you are buying the very best quality in hosting services.

    All of Liquid Web hosting plans except the dedicated server are cloud based, what does this mean, well you get a cluster of servers that store your website data over all the servers in the cluster, this provides great page loading speeds with the addition of scalability you can add features and resources as they are needed on the fly and you only need to pay for what you actually need with your hosting account.

    The least expensive of Liquid Web hosting plans is there cloud based VPS service starting at $59/month you get to choose your operating system from options that are available, they provide you with a 40GB SSD drive for data storage, 5TB of bandwidth and your choice of CPanal, there are four levels of Cloud VPS available with each price increase providing an increased resource allowance of disk space, and you also can choose between Linux or Windows operating systems.

    Liquid Web provide there business and professional customers with top of the range dedicated servers, these servers do not come cheap but the best businesses demand the best web hosting, starting at $199/month for the single processor plan you a four core Intel Xeon processor, 16GB of memory, 2x 500GB SSD drives for data storage and 5TB of band width so even with this entry level dedicated server you are getting a powerful hosting service, there are four dedicated plans to choose from and with each price increase you get more allowances for resources so you can pick a plan to suit your business needs.

    Liquid Web also cater for the ever popular Wordpress websites with a fully managed Wordpress hosting plan, the servers are fully optimized to get the best speed and performance out of your website, and as there Wordpress plans are fully managed by Liquid Web you do not need to update any plugins or the content management system they will take care of every thing for you allowing you to run your business with out the hassle of managing your hosting server as well.

    The best features of a Liquid Web hosting plan is there quality, all there hosting plans are geared for high performance, they have a great support team ready to help with any problems that may arise from your hosting account and they provide a 100% uptime guarantee so you will be assured of always being online for your customers needs, for businesses and professionals liquid Web will provide the best performance and the best security for your web hosting needs they get great reviews from customers all over the world so why not join them today.

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    A2Hosting Review Hosting For Blog Websites

    Visit A2Hosting website

    A2Hosting have been around for a while now and they know what there customers demand from them in the way of high quality web hosting services, there main headquarters are located in Michigan in the United States where there primary data center is located, and also one other data center with in the United States located in Arizona.

    For there customers in other countries there are two other data centers one in Europe and one located in Asia, thet provide cost effective hosting plans loaded with great features at a competitive price, A2Hosting would suit a wide range of websites from blogs, small businesses and eCommerce websites.

    A2Hosting provide customers with three web hosting services shared hosting, VPS hosting and also dedicated servers, A2Hosting main objective is to provide high quality web hosting that is blazingly fast and they advertise this fact as providing up to 20x faster hosting than there competitors, there servers are optimized to deliver super fast page load speeds which is a great for any website.

    A2Hosting offer customers a very competitive shared web hosting plan starting at $3.92/month discounted down from $7.99/month for the first term of your hosting account, for this great price you get a server optimized for Joomla or Drupal websites this includes one domain hosting, unlimited storage, free SSL Certificate, CPanal access and a money back guarantee, there turbo shared plan includes unlimited domain hosting, unlimited storage and unlimited data transfer all these great features for just $9.31/month discounted down from $18.99/month.

    For customers who prefer more power from there web hosting accounts A2Hosting provide VPS hosting plans starting from $32.99/month for fully managed servers this price is discounted down from $49.99/month for your first term of hosting, for this price you get free Cpanal access, 75GB of storage space to run your websites, 2TB of data transfer, 4GB of ram and a free SSL Certificate to keep your websites secure at all times.

    For the discerning professional or businesses looking for the very best quality in there web hosting account A2Hosting provide dedicated servers just for this purpose, they provide fully managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting, there unmanaged dedicated server starts at $99.59/month discounted down from $119.99/month on the first term, there fully managed dedicated servers start at $141.09/month discounted down from $169.99/month, for this price you get free cpanal access, two x 500GB of storage, 10TB of data transfer and 8GB of super fast ram and a free SSL Certificate for website security.

    So what are A2Hosting best selling points, for one they provide very competitive hosting plans through out there range, and they boast a 99.9% uptime on any of there servers and they also follow the web hosting industry best practices ensuring quality customer support and great management of there servers, A2Hosting plans are great for start up websites due to there competitive and fully featured shared web hosting plans, and also great for professionals and businesses alike with quality VPS hosting and there super powerful dedicated servers for the most discerning webmasters. 

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    WPEngine Review Wordpress Hosting

    WPEngine worpress hosting

    WP Engine are relatively new to website hosting they were founded back in 2010 and they are driven to help there customers when ever they can, WP Engine have there headquarters located in Austin Texas and since 2010 there web hosting company has grown immensely, they now have data centers operating in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Japan and in the United States so you can pick the data center that suits your location the best.

    WP Engine operate there web hosting service differently than there competitors as they only host Wordpress websites they predicted the rise of the popular Wordpress content management system when they first founded the company and now capitalize on the growth worldwide of Wordpress website hosting.

    There web hosting plans are set up totally different from there main competitors in that they do not provide the tiered web hosting services like there competitors do with shared hosting, VPS hosting or dedicated servers, instead they offer there customers fully managed plans with there startup plan and premium Wordpress hosting plans providing the same hosting service but with extra features included as the plans increase in price so this type of service will suit a large variety of Wordpress websites.

    The startup plan is the most cost effective plan that will suit new Wordpress websites that only require one domain hosting you get 50GB of bandwidth which is ample for most personal websites, free content delivery network and a free SSL Certificate included in the price, and Wordpress website migrations are free so if you are changing web hosts you can migrate for no cost, the monthly hosting plan for the startup is $28/month which is discounted from down from $35/month for your first term of hosting.

    For webmasters that need to host more than one domain with there hosting account there growth plan has you covered, with hosting of up to five websites you get a traffic allowance of 100,000 visitors per month which is very generous, 200GB of bandwidth allowance per month a free content delivery service and free SSL Certificate for enhanced website security, you also get some powerfull tools to help your website to grow.

    Webmasters that need more than the previous two hosting plans allowed are also catered for with WP Engines scale plan, this plan has a higher capacity and higher site limits than the other two plans, you can host up to 15 domains on the scale plan and a visitor allowance of 400,000 visitors per month, 400GB of bandwidth allowance and free CDN and free SSL Certificate is included with there premium hosting plan, for large businesses and professionals that demand the very best in quality WP Engine provide a custom plan where you set your own limits and pay accordingly to what you need.

    Who would purchase a WP Engine hosting account, just about any webmaster that runs a Wordpress website sure there hosting plans are a little more expensive than there competitors offer for Wordpress hosting, but you need to look at the big picture, WP Engine provide fully managed hosting accounts that are totally optimized for Wordpress only websites so you are getting the best quality hosting and the fastest page load speeds for Wordpress any where.

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    Inmotion Hosting Review Great Business Hosting

    Check out Inmotion Hosting plans

    Inmotion Hosting are a favorite with many businesses both large and small, they have been providing web hosting services since 2001 and have been investing in innovation to become one of the best hosting providers in there field, there servers currently host over 300.000 domains world wide and provide a very solid web hosting service to there customers.

    There hosting plans include many great features to help your business grow online, free automatic website backups are available even with there shared hosting plans, and through the provided CPanal you can manually backup your website as well.

    Inmotion Hosting provide a free website transfer service if you are joining them from other hosting providers, you also get a 90 day money back guarantee with all hosting plans and a free domain name for the first term of your hosting account.

    Inmotion Hosting provide all the main types of web hosting services from shared hosting through to the top tier dedicated servers, there shared hosting plans are referred to as business hosting plans as they are ideal for start up businesses and are very cost effective when just starting out in the business world, while the shared hosting plans are geared for small businesses they are not ideal for growing businesses, there shared hosting plans start at $5.99/month for there launch plan up to $13.99/month for the pro plan, you get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and with the pro plan unlimited domain hosting.

    For webmasters that need more control and performance Inmotion Hosting provide VPS hosting plans, they only offer two plans for VPS hosting, fully managed and self managed, the managed VPS will cost $27.99/month with a 30% discount on the first term down from $39.99/month and there self managed VPS hosting plan will cost $19.99/month discounted down from $34.99/month, with the managed server you get cPanal and WHM with the unmanaged you need to supply this yourself.

    For large growing businesses and professionals Inmotion Hosting provide dedicated servers with four powerful dedicated hosting plans available, there essential plan starts at $105.69/month you get 4GB of fast ram, a 500GB SSD drive to store your data on and 6TB of data transfer, the advanced dedicated plan includes extra data transfer, and extra memory included for $166.59, the elite and the premium plan include hardware raid where the other plans only include software raid, you also get extra data transfer and increased memory allowance with the more expensive dedicated servers.

    For Wordpress websites you are also covered well with Inmotion Hosting Wordpress optimized hosting plans, starting at $4.99/month for the first term you get unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth, a 40GB SSD drive is also provided for storing your websites data the SSD drives are offered with all Wordpress hosting plans.

    Inmotion Hosting plans are suitable for a large range of websites, there shared business hosting plans are ideal for start up businesses that do not have the resources to spend on a VPS server, the dedicated servers are great for large businesses and industry professionals and there Wordpress hosting plans are ideal for personal and small websites like blogs or other websites that do not need a large amount of resources or features of the VPS or dedicated servers.

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    Dreamhost reviews

    View Dream Host Web Hosting Plans

     DreamHost are one of those time tested and reliable web hosting services that have been around long enough to establish a great reputation for being reliable for their customers, they are also geared for wordpress hosting.

    DreamHost are great for providing speedy and reliable website hosting for websites of any size from blogs to corporate giants. they provides features like unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and much more at great prices.

    Dreamhost has been an independent hosting company since they were founded bach in 1997, they have there company offices in Los Angeles and in California, and Portland, Oregon also. Many of there competitors have been taken over by larger hosting groups, so this is a credit to there business model and there commitment.

    Over the years Dreamhost have become famous for there generous money back guarantee. they have now introduced cloud hosting and other services to broaden there portfolio, and improve reliability of there services to there customers.

    Dreamhosts plans might be a little steep for first-time site owners, but seasoned hosting experts will recognize the value of DreamHost's robust and impressive platform of services on offer.

    DreamHost has been around for much longer than most of its competition has. For many reasons, this web host serves as a top tier option for individuals and small business as well as ecommerce website owners due to its unlimited features and numerous security and support options that come standard on most of there hosting plans. 

    Dreamhosts shared hosting starts at $10.95/month and you get discounts for extending this time over a three year period, shared plans include a free domain name for the first year, unlimited websites on one account, a free SSL certificate for security and 24/7 customer support.

    A VPS hosting service is priced from $15.00/month including uncapped bandwidth scalable memory and SSD storage, for dedicated server fans there prices start at $169/month and include features such as unlimited data bases, unlimited bandwidth and a 100% uptime guarantee. 

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    Bluehost Review Best Shared Hosting

    Bluehost For Great Shared Hosting

    Wordpress is a popular content management system used by individuals and businesses worldwide, and Bluehost provide optimized servers just for Wordpress websites of all types, founded in 2003 Bluehost have been providing Wordpress web hosting long enough to know what there customers need.

    They currently host over two million websites around the world and are recommended by the Wordpress Organization as a preferred hosting provider for any Wordpress website.

    A great reason to pick Bluehost as your preferred hosting provider is there customer support, the support team are there ready to help with any problems arising from your hosting account, they provide live chat, email support and phone support so there will always be some one to help out, you can even talk to the support team before purchasing any hosting plans to gather extra information before committing to your purchase.

    Bluehost provide a variety of other services together with there web hosting services, they provide a drag and drop site builder to design your website, Search Engine Optimization services to help you get a better Google ranking and also content marketing services, for Wordpress websites Bluehost provide a market place where you can purchase Wordpress themes, plugins and marketing tools to help organize your website.

    Bluehost offer shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers to there customers, with the starter shared hosting plan you get 10GB of data storage and 5GB of bandwidth with a free domain name name for the first term of your account, there VPS hosting service includes resources for businesses and professionals or websites with a large amount of traffic while the dedicated servers are suitable for large businesses and online shops which provide more control over your hosting account.

    Additional features worth mentioning include a 30 day money back guarantee, Wordpress intergration although you can host other content management systems on a Bluehost server, 24/7 technical support and unlimited web site traffic, Bluehost would be suitable for a large range of websites from personal to business websites they, cater for Wordpress installations as well as Joomla and other CMS websites, you can get support when it is needed through live online chat and there staff will help you to setup your Wordpress installation.

    The market place that Bluehost provide for there customers adds support for online ECommerce shops particularly Wordpress based websites, you can purchase additional Wordpress themes, get access to shipping calculators for online sales, purchase eCommerce platforms and shopping carts and also get access to marketing tools, website design services and advertising. To view Bluehost plans check them out in the link below.

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