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    Hostgator have been hosting websites from all around the world since there company was founded back in 2002 they provide a great range of cost effective hosting plans from popular shared hosting all the way through to the top tier dedicated servers, they sell hosting plans suitable to a wide range of customers and are popular with individuals and small businesses providing a cost effective solution with great features.

    Shared web hosting is a popular solution for many webmasters due to the over all cost which is very affordable for individuals and small businesses, Hostgator shared plans start at $2.75/month with there generous 60% discount on the first term discounted down from $6.95/month, this plan includes unmetered bandwidth and an included free SSL Certificate, there premium business shared plan includes unlimited domains, dedicated IP and free SEO tools to enhance your website all for $5.95/month a whooping 60% discount on the first term.

    Hostgator provide VPS web hosting for webmasters that prefer more performance from there web hosting accounts, starting at $29.95/month for the first term you get 2GB of ram, 2 core CPU and 120GB of storage space, and the premium VPS hosting plan starts at $49.95/month with a fantastic discount on the first term you get 3TB of bandwidth 240GB of disk space and 8GB of ram, you can easily scale up your plan should you need more resources down the line and add features as needed.

    Hostgators performance enhanced dedicated servers offer the best web hosting experience possible for even the most discerning business or busy professional, dedicated plans start at $119/month including 8GB of ram, one TB of HDD, and unmetered bandwidth which includes a Linux or Windows operating system, there premium dedicated plan starts at $149/month and you get 30GB of ram and one TB of super fast SSD drive for a performance boost, there dedicated plans include a fantastic discount on the first term.

    An increasingly popular hosting option these days is cloud hosting and Hostgator provide a great cloud hosting option to there customers, the best thing with cloud hosting in the easy scalability for online shops, online media sales and growing businesses, as your business grows you can simply add more resources to keep up with the demand, Hostagtor cloud hosting plans starts at $4.95/month with a free SSL certificate and includes many more great features, and the business cloud hosting plan includes unlimited domains, 6GB of ram, and a six core CPU for added performance.

    Hostgator have a great reputation worldwide for selling cost effective and reliable web hosting to a large variety of customers from individuals just starting out to large businesses and eCommerce websites that demand the best web hosting for a great price, they provide excellent live support should the need arise and there team are ready to help you 24/7, Hostgator currently host over 950,000 websites worldwide and have great reviews from happy customers.

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