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A2Hosting have been around for a while now and they know what there customers demand from them in the way of high quality web hosting services.

There main headquarters are located in Michigan in the United States where there primary data center is located, and also one other data center with in the United States located in Arizona.

For there customers in other countries there are two other data centers one in Europe and one located in Asia, thet provide cost effective hosting plans loaded with great features at a competitive price, A2Hosting would suit a wide range of websites from blogs, small businesses and eCommerce websites.

A2Hosting provide customers with three web hosting services shared hosting, VPS hosting and also dedicated servers, A2Hosting main objective is to provide high quality web hosting that is blazingly fast and they advertise this fact as providing up to 20x faster hosting than there competitors, there servers are optimized to deliver super fast page load speeds which is a great for any website.

A2Hosting offer customers a very competitive shared web hosting plan starting at $3.92/month discounted down from $7.99/month for the first term of your hosting account, for this great price you get a server optimized for Joomla or Drupal websites this includes one domain hosting, unlimited storage, free SSL Certificate, CPanal access and a money back guarantee, there turbo shared plan includes unlimited domain hosting, unlimited storage and unlimited data transfer all these great features for just $9.31/month discounted down from $18.99/month.

A2 Hosting shared Plans

For customers who prefer more power from there web hosting accounts A2Hosting provide VPS hosting plans starting from $32.99/month for fully managed servers this price is discounted down from $49.99/month for your first term of hosting, for this price you get free Cpanal access, 75GB of storage space to run your websites, 2TB of data transfer, 4GB of ram and a free SSL Certificate to keep your websites secure at all times.

For the discerning professional or businesses looking for the very best quality in there web hosting account A2Hosting provide dedicated servers just for this purpose, they provide fully managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting, there unmanaged dedicated server starts at $99.59/month discounted down from $119.99/month on the first term, there fully managed dedicated servers start at $141.09/month discounted down from $169.99/month, for this price you get free cpanal access, two x 500GB of storage, 10TB of data transfer and 8GB of super fast ram and a free SSL Certificate for website security.

So what are A2Hosting best selling points, for one they provide very competitive hosting plans through out there range, and they boast a 99.9% uptime on any of there servers and they also follow the web hosting industry best practices ensuring quality customer support and great management of there servers, A2Hosting plans are great for start up websites due to there competitive and fully featured shared web hosting plans, and also great for professionals and businesses alike with quality VPS hosting and there super powerful dedicated servers for the most discerning webmasters. 


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