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Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting are a favorite with many businesses both large and small, they have been providing web hosting services since 2001 and have been investing in innovation to become one of the best hosting providers in there field, there servers currently host over 300.000 domains world wide and provide a very solid web hosting service to there customers.

There hosting plans include many great features to help your business grow online, free automatic website backups are available even with there shared hosting plans, and through the provided CPanal you can manually backup your website as well.

Inmotion Hosting provide a free website transfer service if you are joining them from other hosting providers, you also get a 90 day money back guarantee with all hosting plans and a free domain name for the first term of your hosting account.

Inmotion Hosting provide all the main types of web hosting services from shared hosting through to the top tier dedicated servers, there shared hosting plans are referred to as business hosting plans as they are ideal for start up businesses and are very cost effective when just starting out in the business world, while the shared hosting plans are geared for small businesses they are not ideal for growing businesses, there shared hosting plans start at $5.99/month for there launch plan up to $13.99/month for the pro plan, you get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and with the pro plan unlimited domain hosting.

For webmasters that need more control and performance Inmotion Hosting provide VPS hosting plans, they only offer two plans for VPS hosting, fully managed and self managed, the managed VPS will cost $27.99/month with a 30% discount on the first term down from $39.99/month and there self managed VPS hosting plan will cost $19.99/month discounted down from $34.99/month, with the managed server you get cPanal and WHM with the unmanaged you need to supply this yourself.

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For large growing businesses and professionals Inmotion Hosting provide dedicated servers with four powerful dedicated hosting plans available, there essential plan starts at $105.69/month you get 4GB of fast ram, a 500GB SSD drive to store your data on and 6TB of data transfer, the advanced dedicated plan includes extra data transfer, and extra memory included for $166.59, the elite and the premium plan include hardware raid where the other plans only include software raid, you also get extra data transfer and increased memory allowance with the more expensive dedicated servers.

For Wordpress websites you are also covered well with Inmotion Hosting Wordpress optimized hosting plans, starting at $4.99/month for the first term you get unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth, a 40GB SSD drive is also provided for storing your websites data the SSD drives are offered with all Wordpress hosting plans.

Inmotion Hosting plans are suitable for a large range of websites, there shared business hosting plans are ideal for start up businesses that do not have the resources to spend on a VPS server, the dedicated servers are great for large businesses and industry professionals and there Wordpress hosting plans are ideal for personal and small websites like blogs or other websites that do not need a large amount of resources or features of the VPS or dedicated servers. 

Inmotion Hosting

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