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Liquid Web provide web hosting services targeted specifically at businesses and professionals, they were established in 1997 and have grown there customer base since then and now host over 500,000 websites world wide.

Liquid Web are certainly not a budget web hosting provider, they are focused on providing the very best hosting service possible with up to date resources and top of the range server technology.

Liquid Web are so focused on quality hosting that they do not even provide the basic shared hosting plans that there competition offers, instead they offer top of the range features and performance with dedicated servers, cloud VPS hosting, cloud dedicated hosting and managed Wordpress hosting, there hosting plans are a little more expensive than there competitors but you are buying the very best quality in hosting services.

All of Liquid Web hosting plans except the dedicated server are cloud based, what does this mean, well you get a cluster of servers that store your website data over all the servers in the cluster, this provides great page loading speeds with the addition of scalability you can add features and resources as they are needed on the fly and you only need to pay for what you actually need with your hosting account.

The least expensive of Liquid Web hosting plans is there cloud based VPS service starting at $59/month you get to choose your operating system from options that are available, they provide you with a 40GB SSD drive for data storage, 5TB of bandwidth and your choice of CPanal, there are four levels of Cloud VPS available with each price increase providing an increased resource allowance of disk space, and you also can choose between Linux or Windows operating systems.

Liquidweb plans

Liquid Web provide there business and professional customers with top of the range dedicated servers, these servers do not come cheap but the best businesses demand the best web hosting, starting at $199/month for the single processor plan you a four core Intel Xeon processor, 16GB of memory, 2x 500GB SSD drives for data storage and 5TB of band width so even with this entry level dedicated server you are getting a powerful hosting service, there are four dedicated plans to choose from and with each price increase you get more allowances for resources so you can pick a plan to suit your business needs.

Liquid Web also cater for the ever popular Wordpress websites with a fully managed Wordpress hosting plan, the servers are fully optimized to get the best speed and performance out of your website, and as there Wordpress plans are fully managed by Liquid Web you do not need to update any plugins or the content management system they will take care of every thing for you allowing you to run your business with out the hassle of managing your hosting server as well.

The best features of a Liquid Web hosting plan is there quality, all there hosting plans are geared for high performance, they have a great support team ready to help with any problems that may arise from your hosting account and they provide a 100% uptime guarantee so you will be assured of always being online for your customers needs, for businesses and professionals liquid Web will provide the best performance and the best security for your web hosting needs they get great reviews from customers all over the world so why not join them today. 


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