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    How To Effectively Use Google Webmaster ToolGoogle webmaster tools offer a great advantage to any webmaster for monitoring your website statistics, there are many useful tools for observing your websites visitors, where they come from, how long they stay on your website, the bounce rate and a host of other effective ways to monitor the performance of your website, Google webmaster tools can help you get a better ranking in Google and also help you target the visitors you need to visit your website.

    The easy way to start is to sign up for a Google Webmaster Tools account and once logged in go to add a property fill out the required information then they will ask for your websites verification you need to down load the HTML file then add this file to your domain then click on confirm or verify you will now have access to the Google Webmaster Tools for your choosen website domain.

    The first important task you need to do once your website is completed is to submit your site map to Google, you will find this on the left side of your Google search console under crawl, click on add site map and enter the url of your websites sitemap then you will need to confirm the submission and verify the captcha, once you have submitted your site map you need to click on fetch as Google found on the left side of your search console, enter your domain and click fetch and render and follow the instructions, this tells Google to index your website through your submitted sitemap that you entered earlier.

    There will be no information in your console if you have just completed your website, for a few days as Google will eventually crawl your website and information will be available to you, to see information about your websites visitors look under search traffic on the left of your console you will find search analytics, there will be some very useful information here about how many people are visiting your website each month the bounce rate which is how long they stay on your website before leaving, a high bounce rate of say 90% means they are looking at maybe one page then leaving a low number around 30% means your site is interesting and they are staying longer on your website.

    When you have submitted your sitemap and requested indexing of your website pages Google will eventually crawl your site and index your pages, this can take weeks to months and once the indexing has started you will see information starting to appear under Google Index, on the left of your search console, this will tell you how many pages are indexed by Google and when they were indexed, you can find information on any pages that are blocked by your robots.txt file and a host of other important information.

    The one most important feature of Google webmaster tools is the search analytics console here you will find search information regarding your website and what search terms your visitors are using to find information they are looking for, you can see the position in Google of search terms or keywords, the amount of impressions that the keywords are getting and the click through rate that the keywords are achieving, all this information is very important in gaining a higher ranking in Google if you can analyze the information and use it to your advantage

    Shopping Online With AmazonAs you may of heard Amazon is very popular with shoppers and in this article we will guide you through shopping onlione with Amazon, the company has been around for a while now and started out selling books back in 1994 then switched there tactics later on to incorporate video downloads, apparel then furniture and toys.

    About this time the internet introduced online shopping and the amazing and rapid growth of Amazon was unleashed, today Amazon ship out around 600 million packages around the world every year and this number will continue to grow.

    On Amazons home page they provide three easy ways to find the product you are looking for, you can type in exactly what you are searching for in the search box at the top of the page and a list of suitable items will show, or select from the drop down menu and select the category you are looking for, the third and more time consuming method is to just browse through the whole website and see what comes up, Amazons system also learns from your search quires and will display products based on your history while browsing through there website.

    When you find an item that you may be interested in click on add to cart this will save your choice for future reference, do not worry about saving the item you can delete it from your cart when you check out, you can carry on browsing through other items and add them to the cart as well, when you have finished browsing through the goods click on the cart at the top of the page this will direct you to the check out, when the system asks you to login, click on im a new customer and fill in the required information and complete your credit card details, this is completely safe as Amazon and any other websites that accept credit cards are encrypted to protect your personal information online.

    A large percentage of items that are for sale on the Amazon website are sold by third party sellers this is called the Amazon market place you will know this by a sold by sign next to the add to cart button revealing the seller, the market place sellers set there own price on the goods or items that they are selling, however they do not set there own shipping costs, when you buy an item that is not suitable for you do not worry many items sold on Amazon have a return policy and you must read this policy before you buy an item to be sure that you can return the item at a later date if required this is usually 30 days from the purchase date.

    As you most likely know by now you can save a great deal of money and effort with purchasing goods online, with online shopping with Amazon you can really save by purchasing there prime subscription, the Amazon Prime Subscription costs $99.00/year and provides you the customer with a few extra perks to make your online shopping experience that much more enjoyable.

    The subscription provides free two day shipping on items purchased through Amazon that display the prime logo, with the subscription you also have access to prime instant video a streaming video service for prime customers and prime music, a music streaming service provided by Amazon.

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