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wpengine wordpress hosting

WP Engine are relatively new to website hosting they were founded back in 2010 and they are driven to help there customers when ever they can, WP Engine have there headquarters located in Austin Texas and since 2010 there web hosting company has grown immensely.

They now have data centers operating in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Japan and in the United States so you can pick the data center that suits your location the best.

WP Engine operate there web hosting service differently than there competitors as they only host Wordpress websites they predicted the rise of the popular Wordpress content management system when they first founded the company and now capitalize on the growth worldwide of Wordpress website hosting.

There web hosting plans are set up totally different from there main competitors in that they do not provide the tiered web hosting services like there competitors do with shared hosting, VPS hosting or dedicated servers, instead they offer there customers fully managed plans with there startup plan and premium Wordpress hosting plans providing the same hosting service but with extra features included as the plans increase in price so this type of service will suit a large variety of Wordpress websites.

The startup plan is the most cost effective plan that will suit new Wordpress websites that only require one domain hosting you get 50GB of bandwidth which is ample for most personal websites, free content delivery network and a free SSL Certificate included in the price, and Wordpress website migrations are free so if you are changing web hosts you can migrate for no cost, the monthly hosting plan for the startup is $28/month which is discounted from down from $35/month for your first term of hosting.

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For webmasters that need to host more than one domain with there hosting account there growth plan has you covered, with hosting of up to five websites you get a traffic allowance of 100,000 visitors per month which is very generous, 200GB of bandwidth allowance per month a free content delivery service and free SSL Certificate for enhanced website security, you also get some powerfull tools to help your website to grow.

Webmasters that need more than the previous two hosting plans allowed are also catered for with WP Engines scale plan, this plan has a higher capacity and higher site limits than the other two plans, you can host up to 15 domains on the scale plan and a visitor allowance of 400,000 visitors per month, 400GB of bandwidth allowance and free CDN and free SSL Certificate is included with there premium hosting plan, for large businesses and professionals that demand the very best in quality WP Engine provide a custom plan where you set your own limits and pay accordingly to what you need.

Who would purchase a WP Engine hosting account, just about any webmaster that runs a Wordpress website sure there hosting plans are a little more expensive than there competitors offer for Wordpress hosting, but you need to look at the big picture, WP Engine provide fully managed hosting accounts that are totally optimized for Wordpress only websites so you are getting the best quality hosting and the fastest page load speeds for Wordpress any where.


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