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    affiliate marketingThe best web hosting companies in the world, like Site Ground, iPage, JustHost and BlueHost all spend money on marketing there hosting services we  work with these companies and provide a marketing service for them, this is to generate new business for the company and to attract new customers to sell there hosting plans.

    Our website webhostingreviews.co.nz are an affiliate marketing website we market these hosting plans through links on our website, when you purchase a hosting plan from any of the hosting providers that are advertised on our website we are rewarded with a commission from the sale, there is no cost to you.

    This transaction enables us to run this website and pay the costs. We do not use any annoying forms of advertising on our website, we do not require any form of subscription or registration to access any of our our information that we offer you.

    We provide honest and highly useful information on the services and features of the best rated hosting companies in the world. so that you can make an educated decision and find the best hosting plan to suit your needs.

    Affiliate marketing is the online equivalent of a salesman getting paid commissions for selling various products to customers, just that our products are web hosting services. you may see special links in an article like this Great Hosting At Siteground when you click on this link you are taken to the hosts website where you can browse there products.

    We provide guiding information on the best web hosting deals and plans from various web hosting providers from around the world, we only advertise the available hosting plans that these hosting providers can offer you, we do not sell any hosting plans directly through our website, so when you make up your mind on a hosting service select one through one of our links so that we can keep providing you with great content and hosting deals.







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