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    Some Great eCommerece Extensions For Joomla WebsitesThe past few years have seen a great increase in the demand for ECommrece websites, these type of online stores are popping up all over the internet, and some of the entrepreneurs that are running these websites are making money, but there is a lot of work involved in running an online store, they require regular product updating, price adjustments and alot of marketing to make then function.

    Gone are the days of walking through endless shopping malls searching for designer clothing, new shoes or fashion accessories, all this can now be accomplished from the comfort of your own home, you can search for the product you are looking for view the product directly and read all the required information about the product before you purchase, this is accomplished through ECommerce components that are available for both Wordpress, Joomla and a host of other CMS websites

    Virtumart is the most widely used ECommerce platform for Joomla based websites, there shopping cart extension has been around for along time now so they have had alot of time to iron out any problems and is a reliable and tested extension to start your ECommerce site.The best part is that you can use this for free as the extension is open source, there are extensions available that incorporate into Virtuemart to handle emails, product orders, online payments, marketing and check outs, setting up all the products and providing prices and descriptions takes time, and for the first time user there is a steep learning curve, but Virtuemart is a great ECommerce solution for your website. Visit Virtuemart Website

    Hikashop is another great Joomla ECommerce solution for your online store, and like Virtuemart there is a free edition that is compatable with Joomla 2.5 and 3.0, Hikashop is a powerful Ecommerce solution with unlimited possibilities for displaying and selling any type of products online, the ongoing development of Hikashop are seeing new features like multipliable vendors and built in analytics, the extension is fully responsive to screen sizes and there are a growing list of third party extensions to help make Hikashop a great ECommerce soution for you. Visit Hikashop Website

    Opencart is a great Joomla ECommerce solution developed back in 2005, so they have enough time to sort out any potential problems, the software can be downloaded for free as with all open sourced projects, Opencart support multibale languages which is great when you are dealing with customers all over the globe, they have modules available that perform specific tasks with in the componant, they also provide different themes with Opencart so you can customise the look and layout to suit. Visit Opencart Website

    Redshop is an advanaced Joomla shopping cart component, Redcart is probaly more complicated to set up than the other ECommerce solutions, and they do not supply a free version, however they provide great customer support with the payed version.

    You do not get customer support with the open source solutions like Virtuemart or Hikashop, with Redshop you can setup unlimited products and categories, unlimited manufactures and you can create your own custom fields, to help sell the products, you can create custom vouchers and add free shiping rules to products that you want to promote. Visit Redshop Website

    Mijoshop is a powerful and feature rich Joomla shopping cart, there package is ready to go straight out of the box, Mijoshop is a pay for download and the prices range from $59.00 for the basic package up to $499 for there premium package, they provide support of multiple languages great for international stores, integrated product search components to make finding a product easier, integrated check out and payment systems, integration with popular social extensions like Jomsocial and community Builder. Visit Mijoshop Website


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